Dress Up Your New Home with Chalkboard Decor

chalkboard photoGone are the days when chalkboards were confined to kindergarten classrooms. Instead, chalkboards are being added to nearly every room in a house in a variety of ways. Rather than simply hanging up a basic chalkboard over kitchen sink, designers are becoming a lot more creative in how they use chalk.
Bernhardt Furniture, for example, is offering chairs with chalkboard backings, which is great for writing guests’ names during a dinner party. Rust Oleum even offers tinted chalkboard brush-on paint that can convert any surface into a temporary chalkboard.
If creating chalkboard furniture seems too extreme, there are other unique ways to incorporate this trend into your space. Instead of using chalkboard paint to coat an entire table and chairs set, try using it on accessories such as empty wine bottles and flower vases or pots.
Chalkboard placemats or placing chalkboards on kitchen canisters or storage containers is another fun way to incorporate the latest trend in your home.
For some great kid-friendly options, use chalkboards labels on kids’ toy bins or create a moveable chalkboard using blackboard fabric.
Chalkboard-themed decor has certainly come a long way in recent years, and home accessories that you can write on are always a great way to keep your guests and family amused and entertained!

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