Delinquent Tax Information for Cook County New Homes Now Available Online

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Buying a Cook County new home just got a little easier, as homeowners can now search online to find out if homes have delinquent real estate tax bills.
Normally, the Cook County clerk’s office receives about 80,000 visits and 96,000 phone calls each year regarding these delinquent bills, and providing online access to this information will greatly reduce the high volume of traffic.
The tax bill database is updated daily, and includes about 222,670 residential and commercial properties that owe more than $912 million in delinquent taxes. The online listings will also include properties that were sold and forfeited during the last 20 years due to unpaid taxes.
Homebuyers can even order a property’s “Estimate of the Cost of Redemption” report, which will show owed taxes plus penalties for any home in Cook County. The report costs $10 for one year of delinquency and $3 for every additional year.
“This search tool will be invaluable for not only property owners, but also title companies, mortgage servicers and insurance adjusters who need to bring unpaid taxes up to date,” said Cook County clerk David Orr.
In order to access the records, visit You will need to enter the property index number (PIN) or address for each home you view.

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