The Top 2013 Sustainable Design Trends

green design trends chicago new homes
Green design is predicted to be one of the hottest Chicago new home trends in 2013! As homeowners and consumers are becoming savvier about how to save money and live a healthier lifestyle, many builders and designers are looking for ways to be more “green.”
Here’s a rundown on the top eco-friendly additions we’ll be seeing more of in the New Year.

  • Environmentally-friendly carpeting. Carpet production often involves the use of a lot of unhealthy chemicals, and carpet manufacturers are starting to change their production procedures. Homeowners with children are especially concerned about risks from carpet toxins, so expect to see more organic carpets or carpets made of recycled materials on the market in 2013.
  • LED lighting. This type of lighting has traditionally been used in commercial settings, but is now making its way into homes. LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs and are much less prone to breakage since they do not contain any glass.
  • Indoor gardens. Gone are the days of typical potted plants. Indoor gardens can be a great way to decorate a large kitchen space, and the extra oxygen generated by plants can help erase toxins from the air.

Leading a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle can be a great resolution to make in 2013! Why not start by incorporating one of these sustainable design trends into your home?