Navy Pier has a New Redesign Team

A stretch of historic Chicago real estate is about to be transformed.
More than 52 design teams entered a contest to win the chance to re-imagine the public outdoor spaces of Navy Pier. The field was narrowed down to five finalists, including one from Chicago. And while the winner wasn’t that Chicago team, Chicago companies are still represented in the chosen group.

Part of the proposed redesign calls for a public pool.

Navy Pier Inc. has appointed James Corner Field Operations (JCFO) to spearhead “Pierscape,” a $155 million rehabilitation project that will transform the 95-year-old lakefront attraction.
“This was not an easy decision,” said Sarah Garvey, chair of the NPI board. “But we are confident that by selecting James Corner and his team, we have selected the design team who best represents the goals set forth in the Centennial Vision and will transform Navy Pier into a truly unique destination.
“While we selected only one team, we are thrilled with what all of the teams added to the process. Each of the five finalists demonstrated a superior command of their field and a level of creativity and imagination that will, undoubtedly, contribute to transforming Navy Pier into a world-class venue. We are grateful for their time, effort and dedication to this project.”
The Pierscape portion of the Centennial Vision plan calls for the redesigning of the Pier’s public spaces including Gateway Park at the west entrance of the Pier, Crystal Garden, Pier Park, East End Park, the South Dock and smaller public spaces that dot the length of the Pier. This work will include enhancements to the Pier’s landscaping and streetscape along with the addition of water features, public art and lighting.
“Public spaces do not only help define a city – they are the heart and soul of a city. We have a remarkable opportunity to make Navy Pier one of those unique public spaces,” said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “Having an internationally renowned design firm like James Corner Field Operations working with one of our city’s greatest icons demonstrates that Chicago has the energy and vision to continue to lead on the world stage.”
JCFO, based in New York, is an award-winning landscape architecture and urban design firm. The group has been credited for attracting billions of dollars in private investment that led to the creation of restaurants, retail stores and jobs.
Among the winning design team are Chicago representatives:
*Terry Guen Design Associates: Chicago-based landscape architecture and urban design firm
*Ed Marszewski: Art curator, art-fair organizer and founder of The Co-Prosperity Sphere, one of the largest alternative art spaces in Chicago
*Primera: Chicago-based engineering firm
*d’Escoto: Chicago-based construction firm
“More families visit Navy Pier every year than any other site in Illinois, and, for many, it is one of their first impressions of our state,” said Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.
“We have a responsibility to make Navy Pier a modern, appealing and sustainable attraction that takes advantage of one of our state’s most valuable natural resources – Lake Michigan. When they visit, they should see a vision that highlights the best Illinois has to offer, and the best yet to come.”

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