Remodeling Firm's Showroom In Orland Park Gives Customer Something To Dream About

Distinctive Remodelers Showroom
Distinctive Remodelers Showroom

In the 21st century, one-stop shopping is king—which is why stores like Wal-Mart, and Costco are so popular. And it’s also why homeowners of Chicago real estate often quickly grow frustrated with remodeling firms who send their clients on a wild goose chase to choose products, materials and finishes from different vendors and suppliers.
Unlike its competitors, however, Distinctive Remodelers of Orland Park makes the home improvement process easy for customers, compliments of its spacious and easily accessible Orland Park showroom — which is one of the largest in the southwest suburbs.
“Our showroom serves as a one-stop selection center where clients can choose all of the interior and exterior products, materials and styles together under one roof,” said Bryan Nooner, chairman of Distinctive Remodelers. “This isn’t some little niche in the corner of our office with a few carpet samples, either—our showroom boasts 3,000 square feet and is stocked with numerous floor and wall displays, swatches, samples and an exterior wall mock-up complete with siding, roofing, facia, soffit and gutter samples.”
The selection center, in fact, showcases four different kitchen vignettes, a luxury bath display, and a fireplace display. Customers can see, touch and compare samples—including cabinetry, windows, masonry, stone and vinyl exteriors, hardwood flooring, tile, carpeting, fixtures, pulls and handles, trim and much more—from a vast array of reputable manufacturers.
“Our showroom provides a much wider range of choices and products, including numerous granite countertop selections, hundreds of different cabinetry and hardware options, and various stain and glazing choices to customize each client’s kitchen,” said Mike Carroll, president of Distinctive Remodelers. “We carry the newest designs, shades, finishes and materials—all the latest trends, from brushed chrome door handles and stainless steel appliances to granite countertops and painted or glazed cabinets in oak, birch and cherry woods.”
Having a large, comprehensive showroom offers several advantages to our remodeling clients,” said Carroll. “First, it saves a tremendous amount of time they would otherwise spend driving to and from individual selection suppliers, such as the tile outlet, the cabinet shop and the granite warehouse.”
Secondly, Nooner noted, “having these samples and displays in one location makes it easy for our customers to visualize their finished project. They can place a hardwood flooring plank right next to the kitchen cabinetry of their choice to ensure they match, for example. Having real product samples and displays that you can view and touch really makes a big difference. It reduces uncertainty and anxiety about picking the wrong materials, colors and finishes and gives the homeowner confidence. And even though there’s a lot to pick from, we work with each customer in a logical sequence to ensure that they’re not overwhelmed or worried about making the wrong choices.”
Third, said Carroll, “in addition to having all the selections under one roof, we have the necessary professionals in one location. We employ a talented designer who can provide computer-aided design drawings of your proposed project as well as a skilled draftsman who can draw up any changes needed. This results in improved efficiency—we can go from concept to finished design in a very short time because we don’t have to outsource these jobs. In most cases we can reduce the time from concept to a finished project by 50 percent.”
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