Buy Early at Herrington Place Condominiums and Save Big Bucks

Herrington Place at Mill Creek
Herrington Place at Mill Creek

Pre-construction pricing typically can get you what you want at the price you want and Herington Place Condominiums at Mill Creek in Geneva is no exception.  Take the plunge now and not only can you select the floor plan, orientation and finishes you prefer, you also give yourself a year to sell your existing home, should you have one to sell.  Potential buyers can grab their piggy banks, shake out a cool $500 and lock in the price of their condominium for a year.   In addition, if you’re able to jump in as one of the first 15 buyers, you earn $25,000 credit on base price of the unit.  Such is the state of new construction in the Chicago real estate that builders and developers are offering incredible deals to help jump start their projects at the pre-construction stage.  Herrington Place Condominiums is a Shodeen Residential development, a Chicago Home builder based in Geneva, Illinois.   Click here to view the Chicago Agent Magazine article.
Making a commitment to buy early in residential construction almost always nets a buyer great pricing and options that normally would cost more if made later in the building process.   A true custom built home begins with your trusted general contractor and selecting an architect to help formulate your dream home to your bugetary, space requirements, location and architectural tastes.   This sort of commitment is a leap of faith for a buyer but if you find a trusted contractor with a great reputation and structure your financing to control all costs typically makes for a satisfying experience.

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